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AI/ML-Driven Solutions for Business Ecosystems

Incorporating advanced AI and ML solutions for your business applications, operations, and services.

AI/ML Solutions


Improve security

Using computer vision algorithms and neural networks for motion and open-door detection, we delivered a warehouse control system for a large retail company.

Enhance product quality

We assisted our client in setting up a process that would allow them to obtain more accurate and cheaper LIDAR data for subsequent training of neural networks for uncrewed vehicle control and consumer devices.

Optimize resources

We helped a company save budget by removing unnecessary data from its storage space. We also increased the image processing speed by accelerating requests to the data store.

Reduce costs

We reduced the risk of overtime and overbudgeting with a data science algorithm.

Review staffing strategy

Having applied computer vision algorithms to analyze primary work processes, we helped our client to reduce the staff count of graphic artists.

Enhance customer service experience

We implemented AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants to facilitate real-time communications.

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